Our Organic Farming aims to produce animal food products with the highest degree of respect for the environment and animal welfare, without using artificial chemicals or genetically modified organisms. Our products on the market carry the “organic food” label, which complies with the EC Regulations 834/07 and 889/08. This includes subjection to a control and certification system via independent bodies accredited by the Navarre Organic Farming Board (CPAEN). Animals are not handled artificially or intensively for greater production, which means, among other things, that artificial insemination is not practised and hormones are not used. In other words, the animals are born and live as naturally as possible, similarly to how they would in the wild.



We respect natural cycless

Herds of different species live all year round outdoors with absolute freedom of movement. They give birth to their young in the fields, where they acquire the purest natural instinct as they grow, feeding on their mothers' milk and pasture in the farm. When they reach the age of 5-6 months, the calves are weaned and grass, fodder and organic cereal is added to their diet (according to regulations) until the meat reaches its optimum level. The diet is supplemented with organic cereals and fodder, free from pesticides, fertilisers and genetically modified crops.

We respect natural cycles. Almost all products making up the diet of the cattle are produced by us so we can control the source. If any animal falls sick, it receives no medication, as required by organic certification. The extensive grazing on our farm reduces stress in the livestock and avoiding the use of drugs helps maintain good health.

We add to the grass they feed on, which should be at least 60% grass and/or fodder in the feed, either fresh or as hay or silage, with authorised concentrates. The regulations declare these have to be organic: barley, oats, wheat, sunflower or peas.

The whole production process is regulated and monitored by the Navarre regulatory board (CPAEN) which periodically analyses forage, the food the animals eat and the pastures where they graze.

Benefits of this type of farming:

- We preserve the natural environment and avoid pollution.

- We are scrupulous in our respect for animal welfare.

- We monitor the health of livestock rather than give it medication.

- We keep the facilities clean and comfortable so as not to harm the livestock.

- We comply with the certification standards.

- We obtain high quality, healthy and pollution-free end products by following these conditions.

- We develop and promote the rural environment and indigenous varieties.

- We encourage local work and the economy, thus providing social benefits.



We are what we eat; and consuming organic products like our meat brings nothing but benefits. They are free of pollution with no chemicals used either in the animal upbringing or development and no substances added to flavour or add taste to the products.

Our meat has all its original properties; it is balanced, rich in nutrients and that is clear from the first mouthful. We invite you to come to our tastings on our guided tours or the fairs we participate in.

Craftsmen of meat products

We are craftsmen and careful with the preparation of our products and this shows in the final quality.

In addition, organic meat keeps better than conventional meat, contains less saturated animal fats due to their better quality of life, mobility and less time spent raising the livestock indoors. Our online store has a wide variety of products: beef, horse, chicken, lamb, goat, sausages, cheese, milk products and organic salt.

In short, a high quality tasty, healthy meat that improves your health.