Finca Sarbil, covers about 1000 ha of land dedicated to organic farming, where the third generation of a farming family is putting its knowledge and love of animals into practice. It is situated in Etxauri, 10km from Pamplona, on a private estate on the slopes of Mount Sarbil at a height of 450-1132m. There are sustainable livestock of Pyrenean cows, Jaca Navarra mares and goats.

The animals spend all year outdoors within the farm, moving to the high pastures in the summer and the lowlands in the winter. The drinking water for the cattle comes from winter snow, which is stored in local ponds and the fields are fertilised with the manure produced by the animals themselves. There is nothing artificial in the breeding process. We are also pioneers in raising organic chicken in Navarre.

Finca Sarbil follows an ECOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION policy and uses no chemicals or genetically modified organisms. We rely on the optimal use of natural resources while preserving the fertility of the land and sustainably maintaining a balanced environment.



We organise visits to our farm so you can see the processes first hand, from raising the animals in the field to the preparation processes for our meat that you can buy in our online store.

We follow strict quality procedures, supervised by the Regulatory Board, which cares for the environment and ensures the final quality. Your health matters to us.

Your health is important, and knowing the preparation process for the food we eat is essential. Nowadays, meat products found on the market are often made with an excess of chemicals under intensive production processes that provide cheap produce, but create stress for the animals and therefore a poorer quality, less healthy meat.

Each visit ends with an organic meat tasting session.



Phone. 948 357139

Opening times: Saturdays, March - October.

Please contact us for our availability at other times.

Entry time: 11am.

For the directions to get to our farm, see Location (Google Earth map in the footer under Purchasing conditions and Legal notice).

We recommend you arrive at the farm 10 minutes early.


Adults: €5

Children: €3

Meat tasting: €2 per person (optional, at the end of the visit).

Minimum cost per visit €50 (for groups of less than 10 people)

We can adapt the visit to the type of group, e.g. schools, universities or associations. Send information to our email address.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.